Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yes we have now sold our lovely Peyrenègre!!!!!  While we are happy that we can now move on to our project au bourg we will miss this lovely place. where we have had so many happy times.

The garden in Spring

In France there is an initial signing when a deposit is paid by the buyers and after a 7 day cooling off period both sides are committed to the sale ( if either side withdraw they would pay a penalty of 10% of the house price to the other party). Then when all the legal paper work is done there final signing takes place and ownership is fully transferred. So we are hoping that our final signing will be sometime around the 14th May. At any rate it all means that we have only a few more weeks at Peyrenègre and so much to organise as well as welcoming guests to the holiday gîtes. We are delighted that the new owners will be continuing to run the gîtes.

One of our guests by the pool
So another chapter in our lives comes to its close. We have loved meeting new people and helping to make their holiday a success - many of our clients have become friends and we hope they will still keep in touch after our move. We survived the early years of free holiday seekers ( anyone who leaves the UK for sunnier climes will know what I mean) and have been happy to share Peyrenègre with true friends and of course our own family. We are looking forward to some of them staying again with us in the next few weeks to help us say goodbye.

Approach to Peyrenègre - soon we'll be looking over our shoulder at this view

We wish the new owners all the happiness and success we have had here in this lovely spot. Don't forget you can still share the delights of Peyrenègre by renting one of the lovely holiday gîtes here and if you do, pop down to the village to say hello!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting things moving

Before we could work on the village project we had to sell our beautiful farmhouse and gîtes. With a price fixed the house went on the market.

Meanwhile we started making plans. We commissioned an architect and before too long we had an idea of how our new home would look one day - at the bottom right you can see how it looked when we bought it so you can see may take quite some time arriving at that ' one day'.

The house now and hopefully as it will be - great location.
The necessary booklet of forms was submitted to the powers that be and after a couple of months the plans were approved - one step nearer. So now there's just the matter of selling our current property.

A bientôt.