Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting things moving

Before we could work on the village project we had to sell our beautiful farmhouse and gîtes. With a price fixed the house went on the market.

Meanwhile we started making plans. We commissioned an architect and before too long we had an idea of how our new home would look one day - at the bottom right you can see how it looked when we bought it so you can see may take quite some time arriving at that ' one day'.

The house now and hopefully as it will be - great location.
The necessary booklet of forms was submitted to the powers that be and after a couple of months the plans were approved - one step nearer. So now there's just the matter of selling our current property.

A bientôt.


Little Nell said...

One day though it will come true. Do the wheels of bureaucracy grind as slowly there as they do here...mañana, mañana? Good luck with the sale of the farmhouse and gites.

Enid and Kevin Wilson said...

They can do but it was quite quick in this case.