Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sold, signed and we're off

Sorry I haven't posted an update for a while. We have been busy packing up and sorting out where all our things would go during the renovations. We had friends and family for one last visit at Peyren├Ęgre and the new owners came for a week to familiarise themselves with how the place works.

But finally at 3 p.m. on May 15th the final papers were signed and we were no longer the owners of Peyren├Ęgre. It was with very mixed emotions that we left for the last time and we were absolutely exhausted - we just didn't realise how much stuff we had even after throwing lots away!

Our lovely friends are letting us stay in their holiday home and we are so grateful to them.

We are snug as bugs in a rug in our little cottage
So what's happening at the ruin? Well the builders have started work on the barn. We are demolishing a part and aim to create 2 car ports, a workshop for Kevin ad a laundry room/second kitchen(for all that bottling and conserve making).

check out the hard hats! aka French berets

It got a bit muddy on day 2
Exciting isn't it?