Thursday, September 6, 2012

Renovation odds and sods

It doesn't seem as though we have made much progress here at the ruin but in fact, despite it being August, quite a bit has been going on. We want to move the electricity and telephone meters to the boundary of the property and have all the cables underground. Don't get excited I didn't manage to get ERDF or Orange out here in August but I did make contact, got the estimates, signed and returned them and all is set up for the work to take place next week. The water meter is already on the property border. So then we needed to make sure that all the gaines (ducts) for the cables were in place. So another day of work for the digger and our electrician and his wife who worked hard to get all the ducting in place on a very hot day!

Water ducting going in
Electrician at work
and the electrician's wife - it was thirsty work
 The well has been finished off with  another level being added to bring the lid above ground level so we won't lose it again! All the wood from the fence removal and other bits of demolition have all been collected into a huge pile for bonfire night - our friend brought a tractor with a huge fork lift attachment that cleaned up a huge mess in less than 20 minutes.


 I've been pottering in my garden and squirreling things away for the winter and we also had a birthday to celebrate. Today the electrician did the first fix in the laundry room so we can get on and add the plasterboard and tile the floor. So moving on despite having had a lazy summer - we'll get more done when the cooler weather comes perhaps but as it's been 36° today I am going for a swim chez mes amis!