Sunday, July 14, 2013

Home sweet home

Finally we have moved in to our new home. Still a lot to do to finish everything but it is good to be chez nous at last. We can't go on calling it 'the ruin' any longer so from now on will refer to our home as Kebourg. Here in the French countryside most homes are built on land that has a place name and the houses built on that land take its name. So that's why you will often see two houses with the same name. But we are now within the village confines and so have no place name and are just known as being in the village 'Au Bourg'. So now we are Kevin and Enid au Bourg  = Kebourg.

I managed to get away for a visit with the family in May and then back to all stations go. Rooms ready to be painted, a veg garden needing attention and house moving to organise. But finally we spent our first night in our new home and didn't it feel good!

Here''s an update of how things have been moving along.

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Next steps are to finish painting our bedroom, the kitchen and salon and then fitting out the kitchen. The builders will be finishing the tiling next week, the heating engineers will be making the final connections the week after, the builders are working on outside walls and by the 13th August we will have a swimming pool. Phew!

But today was a time to be with friends and neighbours at the viilage fĂȘte. A day of good food, good music and good company and for us what living in this small community is all about. Happy days.
A la prochaine.