Sunday, October 6, 2013

Feeling slimmer

Just had to share how high I am feeling today. Last night was a big dinner at Kevin's local Kiwanis club and I enjoyed getting dressed up for the occasion. I had on the dress that I wore for my daughter's wedding last November but as I am 15 kilos lighter now it looked so much better. I was glowing with all the compliments about the weight loss, the shorter hair and generally how good I looked. As I have been feeling a bit like Cinderella doing nothing but painting it really cheered me up.




Fiona said...

I think you have a body double, if not I need your secrets! I bet you feel full of energy too, wonderful! Fiona x

Anonymous said...

Looking fab Enid. It really pays off doesn't it?

Little Nell said...

Sorry, that last comment was mine :)