Sunday, February 23, 2014

While the cat's away

So while Kevin has been visiting the family in the UK I have been moving my projects along. Curtains for the salon are up -  not finished as need to hem and iron again but I need an extra pair of hands to help with the ironing as they are quite heavy.

I also started the colour in the fireplace -  not quite the right red yet bit you get the idea. Tomorrow the chimney is being redone by a French artisan so hopefully we'll have the fire back.

The dogs needed somewhere comfy to rest after they had played themselves out so I made new floor cushions. Schula doesn't seem to get the idea.

Kevin is home again now so off to our favourite restaurant to plan our next projects together.

A bientôt.


Fiona said...

I love your curtains, amazing, great workmanship. You injected fabulous colour there. I'll cone and help hold them, but you got Kevin back now. Will the fireplace be a deeper red? Great effect. Fiona x

Enid Wilson said...

Yes the fireplace needs to match the red in the curtains - a bit too pink at the mo. The curtain material is gorgeous and makes the salon feel very cosy