Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Family, Friends and Fish and Chips

We went away to the UK for 12 days at the end of May, renting a car and visiting friends and family around the UK.

We visited Reading, Cirencester,Cheltenham,Birmingham,Lichfield,Derbyshire, Beckenham, Battle, Hastings and Rochester.

We saw our children and grandchildren and the lovely Crozier, Perry, Hawkeswell and Cornwell families.  We had pub grub, fish and chips and British beer. We stocked up on country gent clothing for Kevin and bits and pieces for the kitchen. We traced Kevin's origins in Rochester and enjoyed the castle and the cathedral. We sat by the seaside and drove across the dales.

We had a great time.


Little Nell said...

Nice montage Enid. I didn’t detect a yen to move back permanently. It’s always good to visit family and friends, but I expect, like me, you’re glad to come home.

Enid Wilson said...

No desire to live there at the mo - you never know what the future holds but we plan to stay here if we can.