Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flaming June and Family July

This is the first year  we have had a our own pool for the whole summer (it was completed mid August last year) and we were able to make the most  it during the hot sunny days that June brought us. No gites mean we have it all to ourselves and we love it.

June was sunshine, apricots, swallows nesting on the terrace, flowering trees, corn harvest, puppy sitting and that pool.

Work carried on on the house - another tree felled as it was pushing out the gate posts and a  new gateway was created.

Going                               Going                                 Gone

Just waiting for the gates

We finished the tiling on the covered terrace in a  three day stint in time for the family's arrival. It looks lovely and now the floors inside the house stay cleaner longer with no cement dust being brought in. It was fun to have the old team back together - we didn't do any of the floor tiling in the house as K was working and though I say it myself we are pretty good at it.

Halfway there

July and it's time to share the  pool with family. Happy, happy days of splashing fun. B working on  her 'big arms' and making loads of progress with her swimming (no arm bands now Granny) and C getting more confident every day. My son  helped Kevin to finish the decking around the pool and we are really pleased with it. Next pool project is  to add a seating deck, some privacy screening  and  soften up the surrounding area with planting.

Animal park, night market, swimming, playing Downfall and dominoes, feeding the chickens, gardening, playing with the dogs (especially Schula), meeting Granny and Grandad's friends,watching the tour de France with french children, pony riding, more swimming, crafting in Granny's den, playing in the tent, playing with the sprinkler, helping in the kitchen,gardening,  having cuddles  - and for a little indoor relaxation watching Frozen. It was all lovely and we'll do it all again next year.

We left them to their own devices one evening as we had a birthday party to go to. Our lovely friend Jean Pierre has turned 70. I remember friends turning 21, then 30 and 40 ---- now it's 70! We had the most amazing evening and Kevin was honoured to be asked to cook the main course - a veal based basque dish called Axoia - a French man asking an Englishman to cook for him - now that is an honour.

We are looking forward to more family, friends and sunshine next month

A bientôt