Thursday, April 16, 2015

New life

March is already a birthday month for our family as our granddaughter Bethany was born on the 12th - my last post explained why we held her birthday early this year. On the 24th a new granddaughter, Eleanor Mayben, came into the world weighing an impressive 4kgs. She was born just before 7p.m. and Mum and baby were home in their own bed the same night which meant that Bethany and Charlie woke to find their new sister waiting to say hello. We were delighted to welcome this new life into our lives but I had to be patient a bit longer to meet her.


Meanwhile we had other grandchildren and children to share good times with. Kevin spent a happy few days with Sophie and Tom and our two grandsons Sam and Jake and revisited some old haunts in the Yorkshire Dales.

I had my own first baby, Ali, to stay over the Easter weekend. We had a couple of days chilling on our own before Kevin came home. Walking the dogs - four of them as we were dog sitting for our friends - gardening, dining at our favourite restaurant, watching films and just being together.

This bike operated machine would be a step too far for us but Ali had it working no problem

The lovely weather has everyone thinking of new life - the farmers are busy in the fields and gardeners are sowing seeds and getting the soil ready for planting. On Easter Sunday we spent a lovely couple of hours visiting simplypermaculture who opened their doors as part of the Duras in Springtime event. We revisited old familiar methods, got reminded of some we had bookmarked to try and found some new ideas. We put the first one into action on Easter Monday morning- setting a compost pile up in the hen enclosure to get them involved in producing our compost and saving us the work of turning the pile. Can't wait to get going with the new raised bed area when the ground has been levelled.


Finally I was off to the UK to meet the new arrival. I spent a lovely time filled with cuddles and smiles - did I take a lot of photos? - you bet I did.

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