Thursday, May 18, 2017

Catching up in Cologne

Time for me to catch up with the blog and this post is about some catching up we did with good friends in Germany over Easter weekend. This was our second visit to Cologne to see them and we had a wonderful time. David came home from university to see us and Leah was home too so we had all the family together.

Sculptures, parks, picnic and Cologne beer.

Art, folk stories, castles and cathedrals
Going back in time and all the fun of the fair. Those houses were a bit small for our boys.
David and Leah with their young selves - how lucky we are to have these young people in our lives.
In between all the outings we had lovely meals, drank some excellent wine, discussed Europe and politics, listened to music and laughed together. The best of times. From gite clients to best of friends - what fun it has been watching the children grow up and getting to know this family so well. Can't wait for the next time.

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Little Nell said...

It’s always good to re-connect wth old friends. I haven’t been to Cologne since the days of our posting to RAF Germany in the 80s.